Haiti: Hurricane Matthew | USAIM

Haiti: Hurricane Matthew

USAIM Provides Emergency Relief Assistance to Haitians Following Hurricane Matthew

  • IOM Haiti distributed aid provided by USAID to 200 persons affected by Hurricane Matthew.
  • An old woman stands in the middle of her destructed home in Jeremie, Haiti
  • Claudive gave birth to Preveline in the middle of the storm in a camp for internally displaced persons

Natural disasters can claim thousands of lives in a matter of hours, and leave many more lacking basic essentials – food, water, shelter, electricity, and means of survival.

In the early morning of October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew made landfall on Haiti’s southern peninsula. Heavy rains, violent winds, and flooding left behind scenes of desolation across countless towns and villages. Houses were flattened, crops destroyed, and many villages lay under several feet of water. “When the hurricane hit, I looked up and raised my hands towards the sky. I prayed and waited,” said one elderly Haitian woman.

Hurricane Matthew affected over 2.1 million people and devastated the area. The third strongest hurricane ever recorded in the impoverished nation, it constituted the first Category 4 hurricane to hit Haiti in the past 52 years. In its aftermath, approximately 1.4 million were in severe need of humanitarian assistance, including 529,000 children.


“Her name is Preveline. She was born on the day of the hurricane,” said Claudine who delivered on October 4th. “I gave birth here in the middle of the storm,” she said while pointing at a half-damaged shelter.

USAIM’s partner, the International Organization for Migration, was one of the first responders, dispatching aid to local partners in the areas most affected.

USAIM partnered with IOM Haiti to provide emergency shelter repair to rehabilitate damaged houses for many vulnerable Haitians. In total, 1,800 households were provided with assistance, focused on the most at-risk populations including women with infants, pregnant women, the elderly, and those suffering from chronic health conditions.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you, USAIM was able to provide safety and security to vulnerable Haitians who had lost their homes.