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Olympic Melting Pot: The 44 Migrants in Team U.S.A

The pageantry of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games this past Friday, August 5th, coalesced representatives of 207 nations in astounding fashion. As the games commenced, the world’s finest athletes are displaying their prowess while they proudly represent their countries in the hunt for gold. As team USA takes to the track, court, or pool this summer, an astonishing 44 foreign born athletes are donning the stars and stripes hailing from 28 native countries.

Lawrence Ekin
Lawrence Ekin collaborated with the External Relations department at USAIM/IOM Washington D.C. He is a political science major at Philadelphia’s Temple University and will graduate in 2017.
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From Syria to the Olympics

Germany - Sara and Yusra, two sisters from Syria, left their country in November 2015, writes Boryana Ivanova. Sara, the youngest, speaks about their journey and how strong and invincible they thought they were before that night.

“We knew we could reach Greece,” says Sara. “My sister and I were not afraid of dying. We were professional swimmers back in Syria.”

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Fallujah Residents Flee With Only Clothes On

The inevitable happened in Fallujah and the world watched as pictures of desperate civilians attempting to cross the Euphrates River to flee the Iraqi city were widely shared on social media over the weekend. Two children, their mother and a man drowned, Thomsons Reuters reported June 7. Nine other people believed to have been on the boat remained missing.

Hajer Naili
Hajer Naili is a Journalist and the Communications and Social Media Coordinator at IOM Washington, D.C. She previously worked as a web-reporter/photojournalist for the New-York based publication Women's eNews and was a freelancer for Al Jazeera Plus.


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