The Bomb That Visited My Home 11 Years Ago - Ahmed Badr | USAIM

The Bomb That Visited My Home 11 Years Ago - Ahmed Badr

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When Badr returned to Iraq for the first time two years ago, he says he felt guilty around his cousins who still live in Iraq. He says he feels personally responsible to give Iraqi youth — 18 million of whom are younger than 19 — an outlet to express themselves.

"I want to be able to turn that guilty feeling that I had when my cousins asked me, 'What are you up to?' into a responsibility ... and make it possible for them to be able to answer that question as freely as they would like to," he says. "And so, if I can do that by giving them a website that they can share their stories on, that's a step in the right direction."

This story was reported by Samantah Raphelson and orignally published by the National Prublic RadioNPR

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