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Caribbean Hurricanes Relief Efforts. Help Now!

When Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean, the nation of Barbuda was left devastated in its wake. Today, for the first time in 300 years, there’s not a single living person on the island. The civilization that existed there was extinguished.  

Yet, Barbuda was not the only country caught in the path of destruction.  

Mosul: Fleeing Extremism

Every day hundreds of people leave their homes in Mosul to seek protection and help. As the fighting between the extremist group and the Iraqi army intensifies, the see an opportunity to escape ISIS’ rule.

The current number of Internally Displaced Persons from western Mosul who remian displaced is more than 531,000. An estimated 200,000 individuals remain trapped under ISIL territories and face death in Mosul's Old City since the military operation started on OCtober 17, 2016.