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New Strategy to Help Europe’s Migrants and Refugees: 10 Things to Know

Fewer persons crossing the Mediterranean Sea in 2016 didn’t mean fewer deaths. In fact, the number of migrant and refugee deaths reached a record high last year. 

Hajer Naili
Hajer Naili is a Journalist and the Communications and Social Media Coordinator at IOM Washington, D.C. She previously worked as a web-reporter/photojournalist for the New-York based publication Women's eNews and was a freelancer for Al Jazeera Plus.
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End of Year Message from our CEO

Dear Supporter,

As 2016 comes to an end, I would like to express my gratitude for your support to USAIM's mission and share an update on our global efforts made possible by your generosity and partnership.

This year, USAIM focused on seven humanitarian and protection programs for vulnerable migrants – predominantly displaced and vulnerable children.

Luca Dall'Oglio
Luca Dall’Oglio has been serving as the Chief of Mission of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) at the Washington office since October 1, 2012. Mr. Dall'Oglio became a board member of USAIM in September, 2012 and was elected CEO of USAIM in March, 2013.
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Building Tunnels

My name is Ahmed Badr, and I am a 17-year old former refugee from Baghdad, Iraq.
When I was eight years old, my house was bombed by militia troops. Soon after this event, my family relocated to Syria. After two years in Syria, we applied for refugee status with the United Nations. After a year of interviews and background checks, we received four one-way tickets to Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
Ahmed Badr


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