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Rohingya Emergency: Fleeing Violence

More than half a million Rohingya have fled Myanmar in the past six weeks, and now the world is facing a humanitarian crisis of historic proportions. 



The world’s fastest growing displacement crisis is taking place right now in Myanmar and Bangladesh. More than 500,000 Rohingya have fled from Myanmar in the last month.

Children, women and families are leaving everything behind, then walking for days through the intense heat, monsoon rains, and jungle terrain. Many arrive in Bangladesh sick and malnourished.

Among the displaced populations are pregnant women, some giving birth on their journeys. Sadly, there are reports of newborns perishing only hours after coming into this world.

IOM, the UN migration agency, is working around the clock with its partners to provide lifesaving food, water, shelter and healthcare, including maternal and child healthcare. IOM has already allocated $1 million from its emergency funds to boost the humanitarian response, but now funding is running low.

Your help is urgently needed to continue provide assistance to displaced Rohingya.  Please make a contribution today.



Picture credit: IOM/ Muse Mohammed